Judy Reynolds

Judith L. Reynolds hired into Ford Motor Company at the Wayne Assembly Plant (WAP) on May 8, 1989. She shortly transferred to the new Integral Stamping and Body Assembly Plant (ISA) where she worked in Body Sides/Framing. In 2007 she was blessed with the opportunity to join the Weld Surveillance Team and worked in Ford Production Audit (FPA).
Also in 1989 Judith joined the UAW Local 900 Women’s Committee. She later became involved with the Education Committee, Community Service Committee, Human and Civil Rights Committee, By-Laws Committee, and Chaplaincy Committee.
In 2005 Judith ran and won a position on the Executive Board under the leadership of Plant Chairman Mike Oblak, for one term. In 2008, under the leadership of Plant Chairman Mike Stockdale, she won and began serving the Membership as the Recording Secretary, for four terms. In 2014 Judith was elected as an Alternate Constitutional Delegate. Judith is currently working at ISA on the Weld Surveillance Team as well as the Recording Secretary of UAW Local 900.