Bill Johnson, Jr.


 Bill Johnson, Jr., is currently serving his second term as Financial Secretary.

He hired into Ford Motor Company at the Wayne Assembly Plant back in 1994. He worked in the Chassis Department for six (6) years before deciding it was time to get more involved in making a difference in the workplace. 

Coming from a strong UAW family background, he had plenty of opportunities to witness first hand the advantages of having a union in the work environment. In 2000, Bill Jr. decided to run for a District Committee position, and won. As a District Committee Rep. he worked hard to learn the business of representing his union brother’s and sister’s on contractual and work-floor issues.

Bill Jr. served as a District Committee Rep. for two terms, before feeling he could better serve the membership by moving up to a Bargaining Rep. position.  In 2006, he was elected as a Bargaining Committee Rep, where he was able to expand his knowledge and learn more about Union Contracts, and Negotiations. During the seven (7) years that he served as a Bargaining Committee Representative, Bill Jr. helped to play a major roll in the transitioning phase of Local 900 and the Wayne Assembly Plant (WAP). As a part of the Leadership Team, he helped to establish what is now known as the Michigan Assembly Plant Facility (MAP), and the start of the C-Crew Shift at MAP, & MAP Body-Stamping. 

Since serving his first term as Financial Secretary, Bill Jr. has grown more knowledgable about the financial aspects which will continue strengthening our Local Union. He is looking forward to continuing his committement of serving the membership and the UAW!

When asked, what he thinks about the UAW? His response is: “ The UAW is a part of me, I grew up UAW, and serving my union has always been about the membership!”

Financial Secretary-Treasurer, Local 900

Bill Johnson Jr.