This section of the website will be used to communicate information from the Internation UAW during the 2023 contact talks.

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Attached are the results for the recent strike authorizationvote for both National and Local MAP & ISA 

Attaches is the letter from the Local 900 Leadership informing the membership of the necessary information you will need to have in order to receive strike assistance.

More information will be communicated when it is received.

Attached is the letter from the International UAW Ford Department announcing that 97% of the entire UAW has voted to strike.

The Local 900 Leadership is asking for your support in voting for a strike should one become necessary.

Attached is the flyer that will be posted at all entrances throughout the facilities.

The International UAW Presiden't Office has asked the membership for a strike vote.

This is a letter from UAW President, Shawn Fain discussing strike pay amount.